Step 2: Adding Your Services


1. Click on, “Services” to view the current list of services, or to add a new Service.



2. Click the plus sign (+) to add a new Service.



3. Select the type of service. Fixed Time refers to the appoint or session lengths. Overnight Services refer to house-sitting or pet-sitting related services.



4. Set the price of your service here. This price will be marked up by 5% when displayed on the customer app. This will be the Handlr service fee that app using customers will pay. If your customer would like to opt out of the app, you can add them to your dashboard so that you can still schedule them for services and charge their credit card, but they will not have the benefits of the app. These customers can be added at no cost and they do not pay a Handlr service fee.



5. Write an engaging description of your service that provides all the information the customer needs to know in order to confidently book the service.



6. Input the number of team members it takes to complete this service along with how many customers can book this services at once.



7. Click, "Save New Service" to save and add the service to your list.Screen_Shot_2017-10-19_at_4.15.54_PM.png

8. You can also create Add-on services. These are smaller, additional services that a customer can book along with one of your main services. These will add additional time and charges to the service booked. To create one, go back to the "Services" page and scroll down to find the "[+] Create Add-on" button. 



9. Fill out the information just as you would with a main service, then select which main services the Add-on can be applied to.



10. Click, "Save New Add-on" to save and add the service to your list.



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