Is Handlr a software or a marketplace?

We're both! We like to call ourselves a SaaMm™ - a SaaS solution meets mobile marketplace. Our founder is a business owner like you who struggled to find the perfect software to run her business. Instead of signing up for multiple subscriptions for different business software applications, she wanted an all-in-one platform to manage her business. She was also frustrated by having to spend so much money on advertising and marketing, without guaranteeing new customers. Determined to find a way to magically have new customers drop right into her business' schedule, she came up with Handlr. Realizing that other businesses could use these tools too, she decided to make it available and free for other businesses to use as well.

Handlr is a marketplace because we connect many different kinds of complementary business owners with each other's customers. If Pawsitive Pets has 200 customers and Mobile Mutt Grooming has 500 and Wally's Windows has 1,000 and Meticulous Maids has 2,000- all four businesses now have immediate access to a pool of 3,700 potential customers looking for on-demand services. The viral word-of-mouth built-in marketing feature also taps into these 3,700 customers' social networks. The busier your business is on Handlr's Explore feed, the more exposure you'll get and the more popular you'll be in a neighborhood. Go from having one customer on every other street corner to having several on every single street.

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