How does the "Word-of-Mouth" feature work?

The #1 driver of sales in customer service-based businesses, is word-of-mouth. We've automated this process, by showing customers who the most popular service businesses are amongst their friends and neighbors. For example, say that you own a tennis lesson business. After your customer plays in your tennis clinic, she can leave a recommendation for your tennis clinics that all of her friends and neighbors can view. Her friends and neighbors can then book you directly for the next clinic. We take the friction out of new customer acquisition by cutting out the process of having to ask your friends who they use for tennis lessons and eliminate the phone tag when trying to reach busy businesses. Once the new customer books her appointment with you, she can also share the appointment details with a friend via text, email, Facebook or Twitter, which fills up all of the remaining spots in your classes or group sessions. Customers can also share your business' photos on any of these platforms. Any photos taken by your employees can also be shared on your business' Facebook or Twitter feeds. We have created a whole entire organic viral loop to keep driving new customers right into your schedule.

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